Picture of the Week: Billboard

Picture of the Week: Billboard

February 24, 2023

Picture of the Week: Frost on rusty bolts

Picture of the Week: Frost on rusty bolts

February 16, 2023

Picture of the Week: Crow

Picture of the Week: Crow

February 3, 2023

Picture of the Week: Profit from the Panic

Picture of the Week: Profit from the Panic

February 2, 2023

Making a Picture of the Week feature on Hugo (Updated)

Updated: See the last section I wanted to take advantage of the flexibility I gave myself with Hugo to have a “Picture of the Week” (PotW) feature on my new site. It took a few iterations to get it to where I liked it, and there are some things about Hugo I learned along the way, but it’s done enough for now. The basic idea is that I want to take advantage of the streamlined upload and metadata workflow I’ve set up between Lightroom and imgup to share photos without a lot of repeating myself when it comes to writing titles, alt text, etc....

February 2, 2023
An Instax photo of a brass monkey next to a rangefinder camera.

After 10 minutes with the Fujifilm mini Evo Instax camera

I bought the very first Fujifilm Instax hybrid camera they came out with a few years ago and I did not get it. I didn't really quite understand what the "hybrid" part meant, and the object itself was sort of joyless: Clunky, blobby, fussy. If I wanted to take images that were not as good as I could take with a nicer camera, and if all I was doing was printing images taken with an inferior digital camera, I could have just used my phone along with the Instax printer I already owned....

February 3, 2022
A tree stump rising out of the water in the blue, early morning light.

Quick review: Cobalt Image for normalizing raw across cameras

I think Cobalt Image may have taken away my last excuse for working on a collection of the last few years’ work. DNGs I shot with the Q2 and RAFs from the X-Pro3, X100V, and X-T4 all fit with each other now. I went on a brief “use it for everything!” over the past day, trying it out on a little of everything from the past few years. This afternoon I took a step back and realized I want to preserve a record of what I’ve been up to with my edits as much as my subjects, so I’m grateful Lightroom has a versions feature: As I pick things for the collection, I can save a snapshot of my favorite edit up to now, then make a new proof for a collection using Cobalt....

December 29, 2021
a crispy photo of misty trees by a lake.

On iPhoneography these days

I took my iPhone 13 Pro along as my sole camera for a quick camping trip to Vernonia. I’ve only had the phone for a week and was pretty excited about its new RAW format. I like the images I get out of it, but in a qualified sort of way that I’ve felt about iPhone photos for a little while now: Computational photography is a wonder that can do some amazing things....

November 21, 2021
Monochrome. A dead tree against a misty background.

A tree on the floodplain

Once we recognize that all things are impermanent, we have no problem enjoying them.

January 18, 2021
a pretty bad picture of someone at a nicely lit bar.

The picture habit: On 37,000 pictures in three years after a week of bad pictures

This week was packed and long in a way I haven’t had to deal with in a while. One day started at 7a and went to 10p, schedule filled the entire time. Another went from 8a to 11p, with a 20 minute break that went to someone else’s problem. Yesterday was a mere “start at 8:00, go to 5:30” day, but the cumulative sleep loss and churn of the week made it a day to be gotten through, not won, punctuated by doubling back on things that should have been handled but simply had not been....

February 14, 2020