Daily Notes for 2023-05-23

Doom’s UI-building affordances. A little more on Denote. Fences are weird.

May 23, 2023 · Mike Hall

Daily Notes for 2023-04-28

Fixing mixed-pitch in Doom, Carlson’s fake populism, ethics in affiliate linking.

April 28, 2023 · Mike Hall

Daily Notes for 2023-04-12

More ChatGPT and org, using the org agenda, Yellowjackets again, Doom keybindings

April 12, 2023 · Mike Hall

First stab at literate config with Doom Emacs

My historic pattern for descending into Emacs hell has always started with the kitchen-sink init, and the path to recovery has always involved a patient refactoring into multiple files: Some kind of “the basics,” something just for org, something for odd little quality of life things, and a quarantine file where new stuff can enjoy a probation period where I can bisect it first when something goes wrong. If I add a big chunk of functionality from a new mode, that might get its own file, too....

April 5, 2023

Daily notes for 2023-03-20

Doom Emacs, Mackup for config backups, Rocky IV, Jedi: Fallen Order.

March 20, 2023