Daily notes for 2023-03-09

Interviews & job search stuff, Jedi: Fallen Order and Pokemon Sword, weblog.lol writing about Git.

March 9, 2023

Retail Manager, Wholesale Manager

Some managers never get over high-touch, small-team management habits. Others forget the humans in their organization as they adopt a “scaled mindset.”

March 7, 2023

Daily notes for 2023-03-06

New theme, old posts, new photo management tool.

March 6, 2023

Daily notes for 2023-03-02

Tech industry resentment, language wars & PMC piety, how I write these, CSS of Theseus, Playdate cometh-ish, CNET and the PE people.

March 2, 2023

Daily notes for 2023-03-01

TickTick & Drafts, the tech sin-eater, I casual, new printer day, job hunt news

March 1, 2023

Daily notes for 2023-02-28

Declining games journalism, inclusive Git docs, Sublime as your git editor, electricity, TickTick progress.

February 28, 2023

About old posts

Over time I am going to start bringing in older and older posts from my old blog, dot unplanned. I took much of it down several years ago during a big web reorg, but I want to start putting some of it back in place.

February 28, 2023

Daily notes for 2023-02-27

TickTick and productivity, the hilarity of Doom, an electrical failure, Tailscale, design fiddling

February 27, 2023

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, 24 years later

A rewatch of Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai 24 years later causes me to re-appreciate 1999 in movies, and reappreciate on odd but poignant consideration of purpose.

February 26, 2023

A little more on versatile bags and pouches

There’s a difference between the Peak Design Field Pouch v1 and v2 that has caused me to reconsider my recommendation.

February 26, 2023