A screenshot of a web form with HTML source code in it. Two pink buttons at the bottom read "Save" and "Copy"

Well, it was an insomnia night so I came downstairs to finish up. It took a little work to evade the greediness of the weblog.lol GitHub action, but I think omgloldev works well enough to use.

I set out wanting to make something that would allow me to do quick, iterative weblog.lol template development I could preview locally, and I wanted to develop my weblog.lol blog using HAML. I also wanted, for purposes of authoring, to get the CSS out of the core template, and I was tired of copying and pasting stuff back and forth with all the attendant risk.

So this thing will run on my laptop or desktop and let me flip between Safari and editor, editing the core template or CSS.

  • You drop in your weblog.lol template as HAML with a little conditional logic
  • You fill in a few HAML Markdown files to make a nice preview for hacking on
  • You preview it
  • You get a “Raw” page that gives you a beautified plaintext output
    • You can save the template and push the whole thing to git for use with weblog.lol’s GitHub action.
    • You can just copy your template and paste it into weblog.lol’s template form

That’s about it. It could stand to:

  • commit the new template and push it
  • have nicer notifications that the new template has been saved
  • keep the last n templates just in case
  • code highlight the preview
  • just have a simple code editor built in
  • etc.

but mainly I just want to use it to polish up my weblog.lol blog and then start using that for a small thing. Still not sleepy. Gonna try the herbal tea thing, but I think we might just roll into the coffee walk and crash later.