iPhone screenshot of the app Tot with the txt Here’s a link to share for people  who aren’t sure how to do a good image description:
{link text – sorry – can’t put it in alt text without causing problems }
It can be pretty simple, and something is better than nothing, but after a day of research this one seemed like the best distillation of all the guidance I read.

I brought Tot back so I could have a universal place to copy my pointer when people toot about remembering to use alt text.

The kindest thing I think I can say to any other ally is that we should be helpful when we can. If you don’t have the wherewithal to do anything more than issues corrections, okay, but if you can it’s worth considering pointing people to a resource or a hint. The world is full of conflicting, contradictory information. If you have a resource that shortens someone else’s learning time (or spares them a trip through popular but less useful information), share!