One of the ideas I loved from Conscious Leadership was the “whole body yes.”

I was careful over the past two weeks to only start projects I’d committed to before the end of October. As I sat around taking it easy and placing few demands on myself, I still kept track of ideas I had for projects and captured them in a list.

Now that it’s time to go through that list and write about what sort of shape each could take, I also want to check myself for a “whole body yes” as I sit back and think about whether to proceed.

What is a Whole Body Yes?

A whole body yes happens you when are fully aligned with your head, heart, and gut centers and there is bodily sense of well being as you consider a choice.

Think of a time when you came to the logical conclusion that something made sense. Perhaps is was a choice after thoroughly researching an issue. Notice what it feels like in your body as you think of that memory.


Think of a decision that you made when you felt your heart was fully in it. Take yourself back to that exact moment and notice how that feels in your body as you think of that scene.


Drop into your gut, your power center. Think back to a time when you knew instinctually that “This is it.” Recall how good it felt to be this solid in your choice and notice how it feels in your body.