Supporting an Open Door Culture by Listening

May 3, 2022

Leaders often help best when they accept that they don’t know all the answers.

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Using the DACI Framework

May 3, 2022

As organizations scale, roles and responsibilities shift and often become less clear. While DACI and similar frameworks can be a little intimidating, you can keep it simple and bring clarity to your team.

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You can't say what you are, but you should try anyhow.

July 5, 2015

I say 'I consider myself a feminist,' because I really do. But I always feel like I'm taking a big risk when I say 'I AM a feminist,' because there is always, always some other feminist out there who will show you that you're wrong. Usually they'll also show you that you're awful for it. — Someone somewhere I visit regularly Another feminist here. That’s an understandable sentiment. Personally, I hate calling myself anything at all, ever.

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