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Be here now

Longing for a remembered state of perfect presence is to not be present with this imperfection.

a pause for appreciation

An early pandemic moment of gratitude.

The picture habit On 37,000 pictures in three years after a week of bad pictures

More on the X-Pro3, which has done as it should and largely disappeared

Early riser tips skimmed from a collection of articles

The tips that actually seem to help if you're trying to adopt an early riser habit.

The Mid-Life Longboard Purchase and Use Lifecycle A Selection of Advice

One of the nice things about wisdom is that it includes learning about your limits. Just get out there, give it a shot, see how it feels, and quit if/when it stops being fun. If it never becomes fun in the first place, put the board up on Craigslist for $25 off retail.


Tools for Playing with Fujifilm Film Presets

Journals Against Stories

Some Notes on My Fujifilm Lens Collection