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I'm an experienced senior manager who's led open source engineering groups, IT groups and more. I excel at change management, organizational design, and strategic programs.

If you're proud of your company's diverse, inclusive culture I'd love to hear from you!.

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Hi, I’m Mike Hall. I live in Portland, OR. Here are some things I like:

Movies! If I had to list five to give you an idea of my tastes:

  • In the Mood for Love: Heartbreaking every time.
  • The Godfather Part II: Yes, I love the original, but Pt II just feels bigger and more lush.
  • Jackie Brown: I was ready to give up on Quentin Tarantino and then he made this.
  • Blade Runner: When this came out in 1983 I just knew that Harrison Ford was in it and that was cool because Han Solo. My parents brought it home with a rental Betamax and it blew my mind.
  • Aliens: It just feels perfect to me.

I do a lot of photography. You can find daily stuff from morning coffee walks on my microblog. You can find stuff I’m trying to slowly curate into something useful on my SmugMug site.

I love to camp. We have a small, sort of ruggedized teardrop trailer with a galley in back and a queen-sized mattress worth of floorspace. We’re out most weekends starting in April or May, even if it’s just a quick overnighter to a national forest or a patch of dirt in an Army Corps of Engineering site.